What we offer


Fun & Experience for the whole Family. We offer you many kinds of watersport like:

  • windsurfing
  • wakeboard, waterski, funtube,
  • pedalboat with slide
  • stand up paddeling, kajaking,
  • aquascooter - snorkeling,
  • boattrips..

You can take lessons or you just rent the equipment go out and have fun. It is your decision, try it.....you will never forget those new experiences at that wonderful spot ;-)

Fitness for free

Want to exercise? Bodyweight....core....bar...CrossFit?

We teach you how to do if you do not know yet or are not used to it. Let´s workout together and have a cool drink later ;-)


Training once a day at our Station with a diploma Trainer -


Spot characteristic

Our water sports station is located 1km from Methoni and 6km from Finikounda. Three offshore islands unfold with the crystal clear sea a beautiful and varied game of green and blue tones. There are gentle waves, the finest sand and a wide beach, bars and good food, but also in the high season always an undisturbed place on the beach.
Mass tourism is not your thing, but a bit of culture should it be? You are right here. Methoni, Pylos, Olympia not far and ideal for cultural enrichment and interesting trips to the past.
On warm evenings forget the time, stroll and / or buy beautiful memories? Gialova, Koroni and of course Finikounda with its very special charm will enchant you.
Breathtaking coastal road or a hike to private bay? - Around the corner ;-)
Varied is not only the environment but also our offer. We have something for everyone, whether you're a Windjunkie, Wakefreak, Fitness Trailers, Decelarators, Action Hero or just a vacationer.
Try out a new sport, work out, enjoy the beach and sun or relax - everything possible with and without wind.
This spot, the environment & our station offer you everything you Need!